Are Movies Responsible For the Killings in Sandy Hook, Aurora and others this year? — 1 Comment

  1. Could not agree with ALL your points more. As usual, it takes another awful situation, for this country to act. We are a REactive society, instead of a PROactive society. Every giant ego in america decries, “It’s my right,” when objects or freedoms are taken away, or discussions of curtailing these freedoms arise… What about, “for the GOOD” of mankind? Whether it is Sandusky-like tragedies or mass shootings, our children, our people, our elderly are treated like CRAP in this country, with no respect, no compassion for REAL change, no real progress on many fronts. What possible reason should ANYONE in this country need, nor be allowed to hold in their hand, a semi-auto? WHO EVER needs that much firepower? Nobody should have that much freedom. We are not a SANE enough society to support that type of freedom, let alone monitor it. Do you think John Adams really envisioned our gun obsessed society when the right to bear arms was decreed? Guns kill people, people kill people, ignorant societies KILL people. Until such time as we embrace change, truly support mental health assistance for those in need, and really love and care for our fellow man, the awful tragedy in Sandy Hook will continue to be repeated, over and over, in another place, another time, another venue.. this is the fate of an ignorant society.

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