manymanyoscarsWhat is film consulting?  Oscar-winning actors work with acting coaches, Grammy-winning singers, with vocal instructors, Olympic athletes, with the best trainers in the world, and Fortune 500 CEOs, experienced mentors.  Really, anyone who is at the top of their game builds the best support-team they can afford.  And that’s why I started offering Film Consulting to a select group of filmmakers and their investors.

And now, if you’re a serious independent filmmaker, you can take advantage of my film consulting too.

Why do you need film consulting?

Face it; you want your film to be the best it can be. But as an Independent Filmmaker, your budget prevents you from hiring the most experienced collaborators.

Second, you really want to produce and/or direct the movie yourself.  You worry that by bringing in someone with a lot more experience, you run the risk of either losing control of your film or their taking all the credit ~ and we’ve all heard the stories.

So, I’ve come up with a simple solution giving you the best of both worlds.

I am offering very affordable film consulting services to Independent Filmmakers.  It won’t break your budget, plus you get all the insight and still get to actually do it yourself.   I’ve made a career of using “Indie” approaches on big-budget Hollywood films, and this is the reverse, the best of Hollywood filmmaking perspectives, crafted for Indie use.

Please keep in mind, because of my schedule, I can only offer my services to a select group of serious filmmakers and/or their investors.  If you think this is you, please contact me see how I can best be of service to you.



What People Are Saying – References for Bob Degus

“The thing I like most about Bob is his ability to take the sometimes-abstract concepts of movie making and translate them in a way that is easy for people to understand. Because he thoroughly understands the entire filmmaking process from beginning to end and back again; he has a great ability to foresee issues and suggest alternative paths before they ever become problems. His ideas and solutions most often come from uniting creative, finance and production into a comprehensive whole where everyone wins.” ~ Bonnie Curtis, Producer ~ SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, MINORITY REPORT

“I had nothing short of a phenomenal experience working with Bob Degus on the schedule and budget for my independent film. The script had a few unique challenges, schedule-wise, and I felt that he understood the script and what it need to be on a profound level… in fact, his notes on the schedule prompted a rewrite of the screenplay that made it sharper and clearer. He found ways to save money and shorten the schedule to make the film make-able while always preserving its creative integrity, and he was supportive and encouraging while being honest about the potential challenges and limitations of low-budget filmmaking. Ultimately, I felt that Bob was a creative partner who worked hard to make the budget and schedule what they needed to be for the best possible film.” ~ Michelle Steffes – Independent Director and AMPAS member.

“In my nearly 30 years of making motion pictures I have run across and worked with all kinds of other producers. Having produced alongside Bob Degus, I can safely say that he possesses the broadest spectrum of film knowledge of any producer I have worked with. His hands on knowledge of physical aspects of production, coupled with his sensitivity to others and his creative/story sense place him in a rarified league.” ~ Mike Nelson ~ THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, ANNIVERSARY PARTY

“There’s simply no one person I’ve ever met who has a better understanding of every aspect of filmmaking than Bob Degus, whether creative, technical or financial. This gives him a unique perspective on the entire filmmaking process. And just as important, he’s always able to interrelate them in a way that is easy to understand and gives me a new perspective.” ~ Alison Rosenzweig, Producer WINDTALKERS, FRIGHT NIGHT 3D

“Bob Degus is in a league of his own. His analytical skills, his facility with working with budgets, anticipating obstacles and coming up with creative alternatives are second to none. That he combines these abilities with strong artistic instincts makes him unique in the world of movie production. His breadth of knowledge is unparalleled, and I feel lucky to have worked with him.” – Jane Sindell, Producer – SEABISCUIT