d24108becac7f5b327a429824e19d965_400x400I am producing with the brilliant conceptual director and performer Natasha Tsakos, who is known for pioneering ways of integrating technology with live performance to bring the project Billion Billions to life.

Billion Billions is a full evening theatrical show roller-coasting through time, from the “Big Bang” to the age of Singularity, orchestrating state of the art projection mapping synchronized with livestate of the art projection mapping synchronized with live performers and integrated with real-time data, mobile interactivity and actionabilty in a deeply immersive and entertaining way.

By using 3D projection mapping techniques, the stage, set pieces AND performers can seamlessly morph and transform into any desired character and environment, bringing boggling HD optical illusions, and enabling movie editing transitions to better move the story in a dynamic and cinematic way.

More about Billion Billions here.

About Natasha:

Billion Billions