The Stage2Screen™ concept was created by Bob Degus, longtime Hollywood veteran and member of the Lincoln Center Theatre’s Directors Lab. It is a way to expand the exciting world of New York theatre to a wider audience, and offer theatre producers quality digital captures to use for marketing, further development, attracting next phase investors and/or sale in ancillary markets.

Stage2Screen™ translates the stage experience to cinema keeping as much of the theatre experience intact as possible, while maintaining a delicate balance between the specific requirements and qualities of both art forms.

“As the writer and director of One Day, Bob translated my show with such respect and sensitivity for the work that the final outcome is nothing short of masterful. He captured the spirit and energy of the piece with a precision and an intuitive grace, securing moments that only one with a realized eye such as his could ever discover. Working side by side with him in the editing room was a gift. He is a true collaborator – bringing to the table an expertise that borders on brilliance, and a level of instinct that is not only “spot-on”, but truly inspiring, as well.”  Michael Sottile – Writer/Director of the musical One Day.